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Botanical Garden

Svanhovd Botanical Garden is one of only three public botanical gardens located north of the Arctic Circle. The garden has a variety of perennials from northern and alpine areas as well as summer flowers. The garden at Svanhovd presents the flora, the diversity of plants and trees thriving in the Pasvik Valley’s continental subarctic climate.

The Svanhovd botanical garden was opened in 1999. Land formerly used for agriculture was transformed into an exciting and varied terrain including a pond, creek and outdoor amphitheater. Planning and construction of the garden was completed with the help of garden architect Arnt Pedersen, designer Olav Ryan, the botanical garden in Tromsø as well as the Arctic alpine botanical garden in Kirovsk and the Botanical Gardens and the University of Petrozavodsk in Russia.

What can you see in the garden?
Northern and alpine plants dominate the Svanhovd botanical garden. Here are plants originating from Himalaya, Siberia, China, Canada and Alaska, but also some plants normally found in the southern hemisphere. The content of the original vegetation is to some extent preserved. At the same time new species are planted to demonstrate the variety of trees, bushes, perennials and roses which thrive in our climate zone.

The garden also includes a bed with research and development activities, and newer fields / specialty fields to show perennials, roses, summer flowers and other bedding plants, decorative plants, herbs, vegetables and plants which were used in folk medicine in the Barents region. The plantation of those fields vary and changes in accordance to the current and running projects .

Best time for a visit

The botanical garden makes Svanhovd into a flourishing oasis in the summer, but the growing season is short and the best time to visit the garden is July and August. The Øvre Pasvik National Park Centre is also located at Svanhovd.  A combined visit to the garden and the National Park Centre is recommended. The garden is open year-round and the entry is free, but groups and people who want guidance and specific information are kindly asked to contact Svanhovd in advance, before arrival.

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