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Summer school 2012
A successful summer school was held in Freising, Germany, 25-30th March which gathered 33 Phd students and young researchers from around Europe.

 The week long school focused on the study of processes of soil organic matter (SOM) formation and turnover. It discussed the challenges of linking processes operative on the molecular and organism scale to processes at and within biogeochemical interfaces in soils and to understand their functions across different scales.

The school brought together young and established scientists of different disciplines in soil science (biology, chemistry, physics, modeling) to interact in an interdisciplinary course related to studying SOM, its formation, properties and function. 

The summer school was organized by Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kögel-Knabner and her team at the Department of Ecology and Ecosystem Management and Institute of Advanced Study (TUM-IAS), Technische Universität München.

A full report of the summer school, the talks given, and results obtained is avaialble from the ESF MOLTER webpage.

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