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Bioklima Greenhouse. Foto: Marianne Mork-Olsvik
Carbon Cycling and Greenhouse gases
Bioklima Greenhouse. Foto: Marianne Mork-Olsvik
Present and future greenhouse gas (GHG) balances of terrestrial ecosystems are at the core of scientific and political issues, as increases in terrestrial CO2 and CH4 emissions will accelerate Global Warming.

Through contribution to the world's longest elevated-CO2 manipulation experiments in situ by Norwegian researchers, it has been shown that environmental effects of elevated CO2 are sustained in the long-term but also display highly complex interactions with other environmental stressors, such as precipitation and temperature. In situ experiments are, and continues to be crucial.

Such studies must, however, be complemented by studies in highly controlled environment where effect of individual factors can be tested, e.g. for CO2). Lazer equipment for continuous monitoring of multiple species of greenhouse gases are now available, as well as monitoring of the entire C cycling in the atmosphere-plant-soil continuum.

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