Bioforsk, Soil and Environment
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6.3 Environmental technologies, Topic ENV.2007., Development of technologies and tools for soil contamination assessment and site characterisation, towards sustainable remediation.

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Field sites
Two test sites have been selected for the SoilCAM project. Common features of the two sites are that degradable contaminants are dispersed highly permable deposits. Challenges of predicting and monitoring the transport and degradation of the chemicals are linked to their mobility and the heterogeneity of the subsurface.

Trecate, Italy 

The test site is part of the plain aquifer at Trecate in the Piemonte region of Italy. In 1994 the site was the scene of an inland crude oil spill following an oil well blow-out. The contamination resulted in approximately 15,000 m3 of middleweight crude oil being released overland contaminating both soil and groundwater.


Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, Norway

The Gardermoen aquifer, 40 km north of Oslo, Norway, is the largest rain fed unconfined aquifer in Norway. In 1998 the new main airport of Norway was opened here. Large amounts of de-icing chemicals are used for removal of snow and ice every winter for airplanes (Propylene glycol) and runways (Potassium Formate).


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