Bioforsk, Soil and Environment
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6.3 Environmental technologies, Topic ENV.2007., Development of technologies and tools for soil contamination assessment and site characterisation, towards sustainable remediation.

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Scientific and technical approach

The overall strategy of the project is to have a strong link to two specific field sites wich serves as examples for contaminated sites in Europe. Dialogue between site-managers and scientist who can provide state-of-the art technology and knowledge of underlying processes in order to improve the contaminant characterisation and predictive capabilities is an important basis for this project. The project is a unique chance to test methods in a more systematic way than what is possible under normal circumstances where the funding is fragmented and the purpose and hence the design of the monitoring programmes aren't sufficient to draw general conclusions on a scientific basis. The different work packages focus on specific areas of research.

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The behaviour of both the soil system and the contamination that is present (a mixture of organic and inorganic contaminants as typically found at sites in Western Europe) is studied both experimentally and by modelling.

Different methods will be tested experimentally in work packages 1, 2, 4 and 5 both at the two selected field sites and in the laboratory.  Lab scale experiments on samples of different soil types collected at the two field sites will provide more robust information concerning the influence of different soil properties. At the Trecate site, we will collaborate with the ModelPROBE project in order to make the best use of data collected at the field site, the timing of activities and the sharing of relevant data. At the Gardermoen site, work will be conducted at a field research station for unsaturated zone studies as well as near one of the runways. This work will be planned in collaboration with Oslo Airpot (OSL).

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