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Conferences, courses & workshops arranged as a part of the GENESIS project.

Integrated Management of Groundwater Resources and Dependent Ecosystems - GENESIS Final Conference

Welcome to the International Conference on Integrated Management of Groundwater Resources and Dependent Ecosystems, 5-7 March 2014. Venue: The National Technical Library, Prague, Czech Republic.


IWA 3rd Conference on Water Economics, Statistics, and Finance

A special session for GENESIS was held Thursdag 25, concisting of seven presentations of the work done within the project. 


Nordic Water 2012

The XXVII Nordic Hydrological Conference at the University of Oulu, Northern Finland, from the 13th to 15th of August 2012.


WP6 Workshop - Mancha Case study 

Workshop for Mancha Oriental Case Study - Sustainable Groundwater Management: Institutional and Legal Analysis, Albacete, Spain, October 2010


XXXVIII IAH Congress, Krakow 12-17 September 2010

There will be a GENESIS session concerning Groundwater and Ecosystems during the Congress. Also a Workshop on Coupled Modelling will be held Wednesday 15 September. The Workshop will be for GENESIS members and associates.


Workshop on Flowpath Characterization

A Workshop on Flowpath Characterization and the use of tracers will be held 29.-30. June 2010 in Neuherberg (Munich), Germany.


SWAT workshop

A workshop in modelling with SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) was arranged at EAWAG for GENESIS partners (February 2010).

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