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BL - Background level: concentration/value corresponding to no or very minor anthropogenic alteration.

      Baseline level: concentration/value setting reference point for trend identification (reference years 2007-2008)

CAP - Common Agricultural Policy

CIS - Common Implementation Strategy 

CV - Criteria Value 

DW - Drinking Water

DWPA - Drinking Water Protected Area

EQS - Environmental Quality Standard

GDE - Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems

GW - Ground Water

GWB - Ground Water Body - a distinct volume of water in an aquifer where there are significant water flows or significant extraction of water (defined by each  member state).

GWD - Ground Water Directive

GWDTE - Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystem

MRT - Mean Residence Time

MS - member States

NBL - Natural Background Level

QS - Quality Standard

RBMP - River Basin Management Plan

RTD - Residence Time Distributon

SME - Small and Medium Enterprice

SPR - Source Pathway Receptor

TV - Treshold Value - GW standards to be set by Member States at local, regional or national level

WFD - Water Framework Directive

WG C - EU Groundwater Working Group supporting the development of the GWD as part of CIS

WISE - Water Information System for Europe

WP - Work Package




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