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The Safenano Initiative is a venture by the Institute of Occupational Medicine ( IOM ). The initiative was designed to help industrial and academic communities to quantify and control the risks to their workforce, as well as to consumers, the general population  and the environment, through both information provision and consultancy services.
The Project on Emering Nanotechnologies
PEN - Inventories
The Project on Emering Nanotechnologies
Nanoforum was originally funded by the European Commission through FP5. Since July 2007 it has been operating as a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG), giving it legal status and the ability to enter into contracts with other parties, including tenders and new EU-funded projects. It will continue to provide news items from across the EU including information from projects and organizations
ENRHES-report Dec. 2009
Report from the project Engineered Nanoparticles: Review of Health and Environmental Safety (ENRHES)
RIVM-report 2009
En grundig nederlandsk rapport fra National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) om eksponering i forbrukerprodukter: Exposure to nanomaterials in consumer products.
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