Integrated Management of Groundwater Resources and Dependent Ecosystems, Prague, Czech Republic, 5-7 March 2014
Welcome to the International Conference on Integrated Management of Groundwater Resources and Dependent Ecosystems. The Conference marks the end of the five year research project GENESIS.

Groundwater resources are facing increasing quantitative pressure from land-use and consumption pressures. In some areas, groundwater quantity and quality have been reduced, resulting in negative impacts on drinking water and important ecosystems relying on groundwater. There is a strong need to reduce input of pollutants to prevent groundwater pollution. Additional threats from climate change are unknown, highly interwoven and complex.

The conference welcomes scientists and experts as well as policy makers involved in the implementation of the EC Groundwater Directive and other national and international policies. The conference will present results of the EC funded research project GENESIS and research from other expert groups. The conference will have oral and poster presentations. Key note speakers will present main topics.

The conference covers major aspects of integrated groundwater research including:

  • Groundwater flow characterisation
  • Contaminant load and modeling the leaching to groundwater
  • Groundwater dependent ecosystems: groundwater-surface water interaction
  • Integrated modelling of groundwater systems
  • Impact of land use and climate change
  • Groundwater systems management: scenarios, risk assessment, cost-efficient measures and legal aspects

 See Conference Proceedings (NB: 190 MB)


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Genesis Karusell 3 Czestochowa _2.jpg

Genesis karusell 2 Bogucice.jpg

Genesis karusell 1 Model wetlands Bitterfeld.jpg

Genesis Karusell 4 Kromme_Rijn_4.jpg

Genesis Karusell 5 Koycegiz_dalyan.jpg

Genesis Karusell 6Murtal_1_comp.jpg

Genesis karusell 8 FinlandIMG_0524.jpg

Genesis karusell 7 Piacenza 11Fontanile.jpg

Genesis karusell 10 Ismarida2.jpg

Genesis karusell 9 Tsanfleuron_1.jpg

Czestochowa, Poland. Photo by G. Malina et al

Niepolomice Forest in Bogucice, Poland.

Model of wetlands, Bitterfeld, Germany.

Kromme Rijn, The Netherlands.

Köyceğiz-Dalyan Coastal Lagoon, Turkey.

Murtal Aquifer, Austria.

Rokua-Hailuoto esker, Finland.

Fontanili (semi-natural spring) in Capralba, Italy.

Vosvozis river basin, Greece. Photo by Vassilios Pisinaras.

Tsanfleuron, Switzerland.