The symposium participants at lunch, Tuesday.
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Norwegians are very fond of flowers and use a lot of them for decoration, gifts and outdoor pots and borders. We have a thriving domestic production of ornamentals, but also a lot of import from countries with a milder climate. Due to increasing trade with propagation material, pot plants and cut flowers, all countries experience the same threats from virus and viroid diseases of ornamentals.

The challenges of diagnosis and control, survival and spread of these diseases are increasingly important. The task for the ISVDOP13 meeting is to focus on all these important aspects for plant producers and plant users. We will continue the good tradition of the meetings of the ISHS  ‘Working group Virus Diseases of Ornamental Plants’ and make the ISVDOP13 meeting a meeting point for all who is interested in new development in the area of virus and virus-like diseases of ornamental crops.

There will be scientific presentations, discussions, poster presentations, excursions and social events.We will like you to come and together with us, make this meeting as good as it can be!

Welcome to Norway in June 2012!
Kind regards on behalf of the Norwegian ISVDOP 13 committee Dag-Ragnar Blystad


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