Project coordinator:
Jannes Stolte

Contact Information:
Bioforsk Soil and Environment
Frederik A. Dahlsvei 20,
1432 Ås, Norway 

ExFlood - Extreme weather in small catchments: new method for flood protection

Catchment area in the municipality of Sandnes (Design: Katinka Kilian)


Date: 10th of February 2014
Time: 09.00-16.00
Place: Vitenparken at NMBU-campus, Ås

Deadline for registration: 7th of February 2014
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The major objective of the ExFlood project is to define and analyze measures to combat negative impacts of extreme weather events on infrastructure in small watershed areas in Norway, and to incorporate this in a land use planning tool.

Specific objectives are to (i) classify and review existing approaches dealing with extreme weather events identified by different stakeholders, (ii) identify and develop modeling techniques to quantify discharge from multi-functional catchments (i.e. urban, agriculture, nature, infrastructure elements etc.), (iii) develop and analyze land use strategies and local measures based on interaction with identified stakeholders, and to (iv) produce a planning tool to be used for land use planning in catchments to deal with extreme weather events.






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