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Modelling and scaling
Models can serve as tools for improved process understanding and/or for prediction in case of the development of a pollutant spill, change in mangement practice, change in climate etc.

Over the last couple of decades the availability of scientific models and models aimed at land manager users have grown immensely. This is partly due to the gradually increasing use of computers in all sectors. A vast amount of models are available, but difficulties with choosing the most suitable model for different purposes and to know how to get started if you have little experience with models, can be obstacles hindering the use of models.

In 2002, the Strategic Institute Programme (SIP): Catchment Area Management of Complex Watercourses (Norwegian: Nedbørfeltorientert forvaltning av store vassdrag) was initiated by some of the partners in ENVIRA (The Environmental Research Alliance of Norway); The Norwegian Institute for Urban & Regional Research (NIBR), The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA ) and Centre for Soil & Environmental Research (Jordforsk).

Kart (Brødtekst (BF))

Eksempel på skalering:
En kalibrert utgave av INCA-P kan anvendes til å analysere romlig variasjon i fosforkonsentrasjon
og -belastning, variasjon over tid og effekten på transport av næringsstoffer utfra ulike tiltakstrategier.

The programme was funded by the Norwegian research Council. The gathering of information about models used at Jordforsk was partly funded by this SIP as well as the Jordforsk SIP: Transport and retention of pollutants in small catch-ments - effects of hydrological processes (ref. NFR 151 336/720).

The report "Modelling at Jordforsk. Objectives and overview of present and potential models" and the model database (Access 97) were made in order to present the modelling work at Jordforsk. We hope that this report and database will facilitate the cooperation between the partners in ENVIRA and others, on mod-elling activities within catchment related issues.