Cereal grains, potatoes and vegetables

Cereal grains, potatoes and vegetables

Bioforsk East has professional responsibility for the research and development of cereal grains, potatoes, vegetables, oil- and protein crops, herbs, meadow seeds, fruits and berries, and grass for green areas. In addition, we perform research in areas that are not linked directly to specific types of cultivation, such as soil treatment, nutrient supply, precision farming and drainage from holistic farming systems. The division is also responsible for national value assessments of different plant species and agriculture in the mountainous areas throughout eastern Norway.

Vegetables and herbs

Our vegetables and herbs unit provides expertise in a wide range of topics, from cropping systems, plant nutrition, cultivar selection and plant protection, to bioactive compounds, health effects, taste and product quality.

Cereal grains

The section for cereal grains and oil- and protein crops is a strong professional unit, with advanced skills in areas, such as type selection, quality and cultivation technology in agriculture. Through Fagforum Korn (the Grain Forum), we work closely with the Norwegian Agricultural Extension Service (Norsk Landbruksrådgjeving) in the areas of field trials and dissemination of information.

Fruits and berries

This area is divided into two specialist groups: fruit and berries. Both these groups are based at the Ullensvang Research Centre. The tasks of this division comprise professional issues in all areas of the value chain, from establishing fruit and berry fields, through cultivation and harvesting, to storage and sale.

Mountain farming

The mountain region in southern Norway covers around 20 per cent of the country. No other part of the country has such a large proportion of its population employed in agriculture and tourism. The area covers approximately 15 per cent of the country´s forage crop area and has in addition, large areas for mountain range grazing.


The Potato section is a highly professional unit with broad expertise concerning the quality of potatoes for various end-uses. The main areas of focus consist of cultivar selection, plant nutrition, potato maturity factors and effects of potato storage.

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