Plant health and Plant protection

Plant health and Plant protection

Our activities are firstly aimed at meeting national demands. We supply knowledge on the protection of crops against plant diseases, invertebrate pests and weeds. Our main objective is to develop environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient plant protection methods. Diagnostic and analytic facilities are combined to ensure good crop quality and food safety.

International collaboration is given high priority. Our multinational scientific staff takes part in strong networks worldwide and participates in international projects within and outside of Europe.

Forecasting models and VIPS/LMT as technology platforms

We operate the national DSS for farmers and the extension service.  To develop and implement IPM and climate-smart agriculture we need flexible technology platforms that facilitate collaboration and dissemination of pest forecasting across crops, target species and sources of climate data.

Pesticides in the environment

Since pesticides may be harmful to humans, animals, and the environment, it is important to understand the fate of pesticides after application. We study degradation, sorption and transport of pesticides and their degradation products in soil and water.

Chemical Ecology and Integrated Pest Management

The research field of chemical ecology is the study of chemical interactions between living organisms. Chemical ecology hosts a range of opportunities for sustainable pest control in both organic and integrated agro-eco systems.

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