Soil, water and environment

Soil, water and environment

Bioforsk Soil and Environment carries out research and commissioned services in the following fields: soil quality and soil resources, greenhouse gases and carbon storage, run-off from agricultural land, water quality and water resource management, land use, natural purification processes, biological waste processing, energy and fertiliser resources in biomass, as well as nature and the environment in the Barents Region.

Environmental research in the Barents Region

The focus areas of the R&D activities carried out at Svanhovd are brown bear genetics, phenology as a tool in climate research, useful and decorative plants in Northern Norway, conservation areas, and vulnerable species.

Integrated Environmental Technology

This field covers issues related to wastewater treatment and sustainable sanitation, measures to limit runoff from landfills, contaminated soil and transport sector and environmental monitoring systems with sensor technology for ground water, surface water and archaeological deposits.

Soil quality and climate

This field covers issues related to soil and climate, with particular emphasis on carbon storage technology (biochar), soil organic matter, greenhouse gases, climate change in agriculture and environmental pollutants (ecotoxicology, remediation and risk assessment).

EU Water Framework Directive - water/groundwater

Bioforsk Soil and Environment has broad expertise in the EU Water Framework Directive. We provide advice to managing bodies and carry out research, development assignments and other tasks associated with monitoring and initiatives. Our work concerns both surface water and groundwater.


This field covers issues related to biological treatment of organic materials which can contribute to renewable energy and recycling of plant nutrients and non-renewable resources. The field also includes cultivation and use of microalgae for the purpose of converting solar energy into bioenergy carriers, in addition to production of other valuable products from microalgae.

Land use and measures

This field covers run-off from agricultural land and which measures should be taken to reduce this run-off. Erosion as well as nutrient and pesticide run-off are key issues in this field. The measures we work on include reduced tillage, fertilisation, hydrotechnical constructions, vegetation zones and treatment ponds. The development of assessment measures and other tools for local catchment management also enter into this particular scientific field.

Water quality and hydrology

This field covers issues concerning water quality, hydrology, hydrogeology, integrated water resource management and effects of climate change.

Highlighted projects

ClimaAdapt is a research programme that focuses on climate change adaptation in agriculture in India.


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