Organic food and farming

Organic food and farming

Bioforsk Organic is the leading expert in organic farming in Norway. We work at regional, national and international levels according to the international principles of organic farming: health, ecology, fairness and care. Our research and development activities cover projects in all areas ‘from farm to table'.

Nutrient supply and the control of weeds, diseases and pests are key topics in the field of organic plant production. The researchers at Bioforsk Organic have extensive expertise in the treatment of manure and use of green fertilisers. Bioforsk Organic works with most cultures of food and feed crops.


Livestock farming plays an important role in organic agriculture and good animal welfare is a key objective of this operation. Bioforsk Organic participates in the work to develop knowledge bases in support of the regulations underlying organic production. Specifically, we work with animal welfare in the contexts of milk production and sheep farming. We focus in particular on preventative measures and resistance in animals.

Knowledge dissemination

Bioforsk Organic is responsible for the national skills base in organic production systems and organic food. We run a comprehensive range of dissemination activities through the development of course programmes, manuals, topic sheets and lectures, and by writing text books, articles and internet pages.

Environment and sustainability

The responsible use of resources and consideration for the environment are closely related to the goals of organic production. For this reason, Bioforsk Organic participates in projects designed to provide more knowledge about ecology and resource consumption in farming - with particular emphasis on organic production methods.


The Norwegian Government has laid down an ambitious goal for increasing the production and consumption of organic food. Through development and research projects, Bioforsk Organic carries out assignments in line with this stated aim.

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