Latin America

Latin America

Bioforsk is engaged in projects in Latin-America.

Latin America Competence

Click here for a list of Latin America Competence at Bioforsk. Please contact us if you would like more information about us, and our projects in Latin America.


Project Description Research area Location
Naturally occurring insect pathogenic fungi and the control of coffee pest insects and the influence of pesticide management.

A part of the project “Ecologically-based participatory implementation of integrated pest management and agroforestry in Nicaragua and Central America (CATIE - IPM / AF). (2001-2007)

Plant health and Plant protection Costa Rica, Nicaragua

A system approach to biocontrol in organic and integrated strawberry production (2009-2012)

Plant health and Plant protection Brasil

Improved biological control for IPM in fruits and berries (2012-2015).

Plant health and Plant protection Brazil

Technologies for water recycling and reuse in Latin America content: assessment, decision tools and implementable strategies under an uncertain future. (2011-2015)

Soil, water and environment Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico

Reduced ticks and tick-borne diseases in sheep by integrated management (2011-2014).

Organic food and farming Brazil

For more information, please contact

For more information, please contact

Stig Borgvang

Head of Project developments at Plant Health, and Co-ordinator of Bioforsk's EC related activities