Attila Nemes
Name: Mr Attila Nemes
Title: senior researcher
Department: iKnowBase - Organization - Bioforsk Miljø
Research Area: Soil, water and environment

Contact information

Phone: +47 92010865
Address: Frederik A. Dahls vei 20
Zip code: 1430
Postal Address: Ås
Country: Norway
Email Address:
Publications: See profile in Cristin.

Education and work experience

Education: PhD - Wageningen University, The Netherlands; MSc - Agricultural University of Gödöllő, Hungary
Expert Area: soil physics, soil hydrology, data mining, environmental modeling
Field of Expertise: Attila holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences (soil physics and hydrology) from Wageningen University, The Netherlands. He has subsequently spent cca. 10 years in the U.S. as visiting scientist and later as post-doc, first at the USDA-ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory and later at the USDA-ARS Crop Systems and Global Change Laboratory (both in Beltsville, Maryland). He has worked in the area of parameterizing environmental simulation modeling studies by improving our understanding in and about estimating necessary soil physical and hydraulic properties using pedotransfer techniques. He has gained substantial experience in developing, harmonizing and mining the information content of soil hydraulic databases; using, critically evaluating, and/or improving existing machine learning approaches; programmatically developing new approaches for the same tasks; and subsequently also become one of the users of improved soil inputs in simulation modeling applications. He is also experienced in field and laboratory soil physical and hydraulic experimentation. He has been external advisor or committee member to 6 MSc or PhD students in this period who graduated in 4 different countries. In Bioforsk he has been involved in an IWRM-focused EU project on coastal lagoons (Lagoons), a development project on water resources management and climate change in Bangladesh (RiceClima), the European Riverine Inputs and Discharges monitoring project (RID), and the CATCHY project that studies catchment processes, hydrology and water quality under future climate and its implications for agriculture and water resources management. He has also been a key partner to EU-JRC in establishing and quality-controlling the new European Hydropedological Data Inventory (EU-HYDI). He is currently the coordinator of an international collaborative project funded by the Norwegian Research Council that evaluates the value of X-Ray Computer Tomography imaging towards the effective hydraulic characterization of field soils (SoilSpace). He is associate editor to several internationally recognized scientific journals (starting in 2005) as has been cited by the editor of the Soil Science Society of America Journal for excellence in manuscript review (2004) and excellence as associate editor (2008). He served as expert reviewer to 30 international journals since 2000. He is a member of several international societies in his research field.
Language Skills: English, Hungarian
Curriculum Vitae: CV Attila Nemes