Name: Mr Trond Mæhlum
Title: Head of Department
Department: Bioforsk Soil and Environment - Ås
Bioforsk Soil and Environment
Research Area: Soil and Environment

Contact information

Phone: +47 412 38 270
Address: NIBIO Klima og miljø
Frederik A. Dahls vei 20
Zip code: 1430
Postal Address: Ås
Country: Norway
Email Address:
Publications: See profile in Cristin.

Education and work experience

Education: Ph.D
Expert Area: Integrated environmental engineering, specialising in water protection management, hydrogeology and aquatic chemistry
Field of Expertise: Experience in planning, design and monitoring of natural systems for treatment of wastewater and landfill leachates in cold climates. Particular interest in treatment wetlands, soil infiltration and biological filters. Investigation of filter media and treatment processes in laboratory, mesocosm and full-scale.
Language Skills: Norwegian and English
Lecturing: University lecturer in environmental engineering