Name: Mr Adam Paruch
Title: Senior Research Scientist (Professor’s Competence)
Department: Bioforsk Soil and Environment - Ås
Research Area: Soil and Environment

Contact information

Phone: +47 924 58 374
Address: Bioforsk Jord og miljø
Fredrik A. Dahls vei 20
Zip code: 1430
Postal Address: Ås
Country: Norway
Email Address:
Publications: See profile in Cristin.

Education and work experience

Education: Ph.D. (Dr. Eng.)
Expert Area: Ecological engineering, specialising in wastewater treatment and water protection. Quality assessment of waters (surface, drainage and groundwater). Water and nutrient cycles. Natural systems for wastewater management. Wastewater treatment and reclamation. Sustainability assessment of on-site sanitation systems. Properties of soils irrigated with wastewater. Composting of organic wastes. Hygienisation and reuse of human waste. Microbiology of water, wastewater (white-, grey-, black-, brown-, and yellowwater), filter media and compost material. Laboratory analyses of viral and bacterial pathogens. Lecturer in the field of environmental engineering.
Field of Expertise: Ecological sanitation, constructed wetlands, faecal indicator bacteria.
Language Skills: Polish, English and Norwegian. Some Russian, Czech and Slovak.
Curriculum Vitae: CV Adam Paruch