Lisa Paruch
Name: Ms Lisa Paruch
Title: Research Scientist
Department: Bioforsk Soil and Environment - Ås
Research Area: Soil and Environment

Contact information

Phone: +47 92010567
Address: Bioforsk Miljø
Frederik A. Dahls vei 20
Zip code: 1430
Postal Address: Ås
Country: Norway
Email Address:
Publications: See profile in Cristin.

Education and work experience

Education: Ph.D., M.D.
Expert Area: 1. State-of-the art molecular biological technology such as DNA/RNA processing, real-time quantitative PCR, GateWay Cloning system and Next generation DNA sequencing technology (i.e.454 pyrosequencing) and bioinformatic data analysis 2. Microbial ecological biodiversity study, microbial community fingerprinting i.e. DGGE, T.RFLP and ARISA 3. Bacteroidales 16S rRNA genetic markes based microbial source tracking (MST) to identify the pollutant origin/s in fecal contaminated water 4. Recombination of gene of interests, plant gene transformation via agrobacterium mediated transient expression system 5. PCR and Southern blot screening of transgenic plants, RT-PCR for gene expression study, Western blot and ELISA to exam the expressed recombinant protein 6. Immunological analyses such as ELISA for antigen qualification and quantificationk, cellular and humoral immune tests such as T cell cytotoxicity and TNF-γ in serum
Field of Expertise: 1. Microbial community study of biogas producing plant using molecular biological approach 2. Microbial source tracking (MST) of fecal contaminated water system and building up the database of genetic markers for identifying different hosts (human and animals) 3. Plant-based recombinant proteins producing system with specific focus on vaccine development against human related viruses 4. Microbial (especially fungi Arbuscular mycorrhiza group) characterization in soil rhizosphere area.
Language Skills: Chinese, English, Norwegian
Curriculum Vitae: CV Lisa Paruch